Seven Simple Ways to Lead a Long Healthy Life

long healthy life

Long healthy life- sounds like a dreamy word. Every one of us wants to live a long and healthy life but that practically very tuff to make it happen. But fortunately, it’s possible by following a healthy lifestyle.

We are living in a modern, medically advanced scientific world but that too can’t protect you from danger if you follow an unhealthy lifestyle. Which life you’ll prefer, an unhealthy life that needs medical help in every step or a healthy life that hardly need medical fixes.

Your little sacrifices in lifestyle can give you big surprises. There are tons of thousands of tips and advice available on the internet for living a long and healthy life.

In this post, we are going to advice seven of the best tips to lead a healthy life. These tips will help you to extend life line and as well as help you to keep in shape and stay away from illness.

Exercise daily, get enough physical activity

With advancement in technology, in modern days people are too much busy in mind game and less in physical activity. Most individuals don’t use their physical body as much as it needs to do.

For example, go to the office in private car, no walking at all. At the office, sitting on a chair in front of a computer, no walking. Again return to home by car and sitting in front of a television system. In this cycle of life, there is not much physical labor but only mental pressure.

This less physical activity is one of the primary purposes behind a large group of ailments. Every individual should have some extra physical activity other than work. Such as, play sports of interest, walking or running, gyming, swimming, and different other things must be added to our daily life.

get enough sleep at night

In our work pressure or irregular life style, most of the time we skip sleeping when we get sleepy. We get sleepy when our body gets tired, and if we skip sleeping that time, it may harm a lot in the long run.

In many research, it is proved that sleeping at night and active in the day time is the best for human body and health. Even yoga & Ayurveda experts also advised to get much sleep at night and stay very active in the day time.

In most cases, many individuals, especially students, tend to have espresso and smokes to stay awake long at night for study. Many of us make a bad habit of staying active during the night time and sleeping in the day time.

If we are living our life in this way, it is gradually leading out life to danger, unhealthy state. Even health specialists say that, this kind of unnatural life style is one of the contributing components in the causation of many serious diseases and even cancer.

eat on time and eat only when feeling hungry

Eating on time is one of the vital things for healthy life. Likewise, sleep, eating is also one of the same kind. In most of the time, we skip our eating call due to work or social activity.

Eating food at the time of hunger, you can digest the food properly. But eating at the time when you are not in real appetite, you can’t digest the food properly.

If the food you eat doesn’t digest, it will begin acidity. Acidity means it is opening way for other complex and serious illness.

Getting hungry is a good sign, a sign of good health. Don’t eat when you are not getting hungry. Wait for it, and if you are not getting hungry after a long time, then you should consult with a doctor. Not getting hungry on time is a bad health sign. There must be something wrong.

fast occasionally, rest digestive system

Our digestive system needs to take rest sometimes to work efficiently. Same like our working life, if we said to work for continuous seven days or full of a month, we never agree. Everybody needs a day break to work effectively rest of the week.

Have you ever thought about out digestive system that it may need some rest too? Have you ever thought that the digestive system working day and night restlessly to digest everything we eat? We don’t think a little about it.

If we need a day off, we protest with our boss to get it. Same way, the digestive system gives us signals whenever it needs some rest. When we disregard those signs and continue making it on work, organ break down begins.

So, for this reason, we need to do fast occasionally. Stay away from eating anything for whole the day. When you are on fast, your digestive system gets some rest. Sometimes keeping of your digestive system from work, will make it more powerful to work efficiently.

In some religion, there have special days when they do fast. It is absolutely good for the benefit of health. Forget about religion, fasting periodically is absolutely practical and anybody can practice it for great health benefit.

use cold water to wash yourself before sleep

We already mentioned above that sleeping is a must for healthy life. Sufficient amount of sleep at night is very essential for a healthy life style.

Now, coming to the point of washing with cold water before going to bed. It is not directly linked to any health benefit but makes you feel very relax.

Washing face, hands, legs, even private parts with cold water before going to bed, will make you refresh, and help you sleep tight. So, in this way, this is very important for healthy life.

meditate yourself daily, rest your mind

Our body and mind are connected to each other. Mind commands, the body acts as commanded. As we need rest for our body, we also need to give rest to our mind.

In this busy modern life, we use too much of our mind and get stress. We fall into the trap of excessive work and sometimes personal life pressure.

Too many stresses and worries impact a lot in our health. A number of the health problems we notice these days are related to psychological.

Meditation is an art of keeping yourself relaxed. It is a kind of mental exercise. Apart yourself from all the worries of your life and spend some time with yourself only.

There are many techniques, tips and advises available on the net, search for it. Learn few of the easy ways and follow them daily.

get up early in the morning

Probably you have heard the famous proverb- early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. Well, I can’t tell about the wealthy and wise part, but yes it will absolutely make you healthy for sure.

We definitely need adequate sleep but not too much. Our body needs enough sleep but that no means too much sleep or too little sleep.

It is always recommended to sleep most at night time and get up very early in the morning. Sleeping enough at night and getting up early in the morning is an important key factor for living long healthy life.

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