Control Blood Sugar by Consuming These Natural Foods at Home

Control Blood Sugar

Every individual should always maintain proper sugar levels in their blood. Because if your sugar level goes high, it will lead you to diabetes. And if diabetes not taken care properly, it’ll result in many other illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart sickness, and unfortunately can be lethal too. But we can avoid all these by following natural remedies to control blood sugar at home. As we all know and believe that nature has a solution to our every health issue, and in this article, we have discussed some of the best natural foods that help reduce blood sugar.

spices for blood sugarFirst, different spices to control blood sugar level. Spices like turmeric are known to be a killer thing for diabetes. The antioxidant properties present in turmeric stops diabetes problem by reducing sugar level in blood. Turmeric is also helpful to control cholesterol level as well. Journal of Medicinal Food in 2005 published an article which revealed that spices have a great role in maintaining rate and metabolism of cholesterol and also for glucose. Spices help to lower insulin level, and that results in low glucose level in blood.

Vinegar for blood sugarSecond, Vinegar for blood sugar. Other than spices, vinegar is another regular use kitchen item for many of us. But do you know it is great for controlling blood sugar level? Yes, it also can lower insulin level and glucose. Great for people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Just two tablespoon of it after the meal is best for work well.  Some research also states that it is better to have a drink of vinegar while taking the meal. Vinegar is said to be a great cheap source but beware of balsamic which contains more sugar, found in many kinds of vinegar. So better you buy apple cider vinegar.

berries for blood sugarThird, different berries to control blood sugar. There are a number of berries available such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries. All these are known for helpful to reduce the risk of diabetes. The journal of nutrition published an article in 2010 which states that bioactive ingredients found in berries, especially in blueberries help insulin sensitivity level high and lower the risk of having diabetes.

avocados for blood sugarForth, avocados as a great diet for blood sugar. Those who are suffering from diabetes should maintain a diet of low carbohydrate. And avocados is one of the best matches for this type of diet. Avocados contain monounsaturated fatty acid which is best for reducing blood pressure. It can control heart problems triggered with diabetes as it can reduce the level of LDL. Use avocado oil in your daily food, may be in vegetables or in a salad.

olive oil for blood sugarFifth, olive oil for blood sugar. Olive oil is available easily everywhere nowadays. Olive oil is not only an excellent choice for regular diet but also it helps stops diabetes. Olive oil, can maintain the level of glucose, bad LDL and triglyceride level in blood. So, include olive oil as your daily food and utilize its natural power.

eggs for blood sugarSixth, eggs for controlling blood sugar. Many of us consume eggs as a daily diet. Eggs are high in protein and best for every individual. Eggs are known for one of the best and cheap weight loss diet food. According to the research of the international journal of obesity, published in 2008, where they found overweight/fat people having two eggs in their breakfast loses 65% more weight than those who not taken eggs on their breakfast. As eggs are rich in protein, it controls overeating as it reduces the after meal insulin effect.

cherries for blood sugarSeventh, cherries to maintain blood sugar level. Cherries contain a chemical named anthocyanin which helps to boosts insulin level. In this case, it is great for those who are suffering from diabetes as it lowers the sugar levels in the blood. A study found in the journal of agriculture and food chemistry, states that the chemical anthocyanin is capable of lowering insulin making by 50%. Other than diabetes, cherries also known for defending heart infection and cancer.

chia seeds for blood sugarEighth, chia seeds for blood sugar. Those who are suffering from diabetes and heart disease, chia seeds are great for them. Chia seeds have omega-3 along with good amount of fibers. Its work like an antioxidant, help reducing blood pressure and insulin level. Type 2 diabetes patients can use it to get help. Along with fiber, chia seeds also contains magnesium, potassium, and iron.

cinnamon for blood sugarNinth, cinnamon for blood sugar control. According to the article of the journal diabetes care, published in 2003, found that the cinnamon could be helpful for those who are suffering from diabetes. Cinnamon activates muscle & liver cells to work more efficiently to insulin, which results in proper obesity and control weight. The Proper response to insulin signs perfect blood sugar level and ultimately insulin produce level down in the body. Many research also proves that cinnamon also helps in CVS (cardiovascular system disease), high blood sugar, cholesterol, bad cholesterol (LDL- low-density lipid), and high level of triglycerides. For best result consume 1 to 6 grams of cinnamon for 40 days. Approx half teaspoon of ground cinnamon is equal to the 1 gram of it.

mango for blood sugarTenth, mango fruit for blood sugar. Mangoes are seasonal fruit and really delicious to eat. But many of us unaware the fact that mango is helpful to reduce blood sugar level. Mango aids in lowering glucose level in blood.  A study published in the journal nutrition and metabolic insights, shows that mango helps reduce blood sugar in fat people if taken daily 10 grams of freeze dried of it. 10 grams freeze dried mango is equal to that of 100 grams of fresh mango. Mango also contains vitamins like- Vitamin A, C, and B6 and also have dietary fiber.

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